3 Weiss Schwarz Japanese Sets that could see an English Release

With Angel Beats, Persona and Fairy Tail seeing a new English releases, we thought it might be interesting to see what Bushiroad might translate next from the existing franchises in the Bushiroad vault. We’re going to look at what makes each of these sets unique, some notable cards and why Bushiroad might consider releasing the set in English and what that release might look like.

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1. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu/The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


Guess who wants an English printing?

Set Background– Haruhi was one of the early sets to be released for Weiss Schwarz (the 8th Weiss Side set) and famous for having an outright banned card and a 3-choose-1 banning on top of that. Because of this, most Haruhi decks can’t run enough level 3’s (all the good level 3’s are banned under the 3-choose-1 clause), as a result the deck is seen as lower tier in the Japanse metagame. Despite this the series has some powerful cards: a level 3 which lets you rearrange your opponent’s stage, 2 level reversers and a heal + burn level 3 at common.

Notable Cards-

World with Faded Colors (SY/W08-071)



The infamous banned card from the set- World with Faded Colors. Essentially you sacrifice a level 1+ character on your stage to

  1. Return a level 0 <<Brigade Chief>> (these are always Haruhi character cards) to any slot on the stage
  2. Salvage twice

Yes, you get both abilities at the low cost of 1 stock and a character on the stage. Not hard to see why this was banned- too versatile and can really sway the game in your favor at level 2.

Nagato, Dressed Up (SY/W08-077)



One of the victims of the 3-choose-1 bannings Haruhi was hit with. Basically, when she hits the stage, pay 1 stock to give the ability that when she reverses a character, heal. The next ability is the kicker- when she hits the stage, take all of your opponent’s characters on stage- send them to memory and then replace them on the stage. WOW, that’s a strong and unique ability. At level 3, ensuring favorable combat (making sure your characters are safe from backups) and wiping out your opponent’s back stage is utterly astounding.

Why Bushiroad Might Print This- Haruhi has been quite popular in the West, getting 2 dubbed seasons and getting published translations of the light noels. With more Haruhi announcements recently (the pachinko 😦 machine and the new BD’s…and hopefully season 3). it might be time for Bushirad to strike while the iron’s hot. Despite Haruhi’s long absence from the airwaves and publishing presses, the series is still quite iconic and loved by many Western anime fans.

What an English Release Might Look Like- Originally, Haruhi was printed as a normal sized booster and an extra set. I would imagine that Bushirad would combine these and maybe add some new cards (a la Angel Beats! Re:Edit) to compensate for the nerfing done by the 2  bannings (then they’d have to print it in Japanese too). However, if they decide to reprint Haruhi (booster + extra) as is, with the bannings, it wouldn’t warp the English meta like a massively stronger set (looking at you Kantai!) would but still might see some play regardless.

2. RailDex Series


Probably why we don’t have the series in English yet

Set Background- A series spanning 3 sets (Raildex, Raildex II, Railgun S) for both A Certain Scientific Railgun and A Certain Magical Index series. This set is like Jekyl and Hyde in the sense that the Index half is considered to be non-competitive and weak, while the Railgun half is considered to be more competitive. Like Haruhi, RailDex has also been hit with 2 bannings- a max 2 copies and a 3-choose-1. Because this spans 2 different series, you can get a number of decks from 3 boosters which would make deck building quite fun with a number of strategies (linear aggressive strategies, soul rush, character-centric decks…)

Notable Cards-

Sisters (ID/W10-014)


In case you’re familiar with Magic: The Gathering, this card is Relentless Rats. If you’re not familiar with MTG, then Sisters gets +1.5K if you have 2 or more…and you can run as many of these in your decks. I felt that this was notable because the ability is unique and the flavor is impeccable.

Mikoto & Kuroko, Under One Roof (RG/W13-052)



A card worthy of a level 5 Esper! The card hit with the max 2 copies banning. Essentially she (they?) has a heal ability and when this attacks you can pay 1 stock to give her +2K and when she reverses her opponent- burn your opponent for 1. This card is a house that can really close out the game at level 3, even if you’re only allowed a most 2 of her, she can still get the job done.

Why Bushiroad Might Print This- The Raildex series has been getting a lot (10!) announcements regarding the series and the light novels are currently getting translated for an English release. On top of that, the series has gotten dubs for all 4 anime series (Index I & II, Railgun and Railgun S). There’s also the realistic possibility is that both halves of RailDex are going to get 3rd seasons each.

What an English Release Might Look Like- Because RailDex spans 3 sets, I would hazard a guess that Bushiroad might release the series as is and maybe only do RailDex I & II with the bannings in place.

3. Fate Series


Probably how the average Japanese player reacts when they find out we’ve been playing with only F/Z 

Set Background- While English already has Fate/Zero, there are a number of sets that can be translated to supplement it and Bushiroad can dig into quite a bag of sets to do so. In Japanese, there is Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Hallow Ataraxia, Fate/Kaleid Liner Illya and the Fate/Zero extra booster, so plenty of options to choose from. Fate/Stay Night was one of the early sets for Weiss Schwarz and was based on the Visual Novel (as opposed to the Studio Deen anime series). There are 3 extra boosters released for the series: Kaleid Liner, Fate/Zero and Hallow Ataraxia. However, collectively (Kaleid Liner excluded), the series isn’t deemed to be a top tier deck. On the other hand, Fate/Kaleid Liner is quite a popular deck.

Notable Cards-

Magical Girl Kaleido Ruby (FH/SE03-028)


The predecessor to the Magical Girl Illya  (and from a different universe!) and original owner of Ruby who is a brainstorm for deck tutoring (you can only search for Rins) and changes into Mimic Tohsaka. This is a brainstormer with more upside with the drawback of a specific tutor. Since you can play all the Fate/ series sets together, this would (holy universe crossovers Batman!) be quite potent using cards from Kaleid Liner as a base. It’s really appropriate for a magical girl card to have a change ability. I thought this card was funny because the creators took this concept of a magical girl in the Fate/ universe and really ran away with it…giving us the one and only Fate/Kaleid Liner.

Shirou & Saber (FS/S03-006)


This card does quite a lot- if you have fewer than 5 cards in your deck it gets -1 level, it heals and has a climax combo where you can send an opposing level 2 or less character to the stock. The fact that you can cheat it in at level 2 is pretty awesome (but not unheard of) which can easily give you a leg up especially if you and your opponent are at level 2 and can keep pace if your opponent’s at 3 and you’re at 2. The heal ability is good, but generic (so nothing really to write about). Now the kicker, the climax combo. The climax combo really helps clear a lane for you to attack your opponent directly, which is especially good to push through damage if you know the coast is clear. It’s also good in wiping away any level 2 backstage supporting characters (level assists, etcs…). Although there is  a drawback, there are some applications which really can help you finish the game in short order.

Why Bushiroad Might Print This- Fate/Zero is already printed in English and it might be good to shake up the metagame by adding some more tools for the deck to work with. Considering that Fate/Stay Night is getting another anime release, the popularity and interest might be there for an English release to be well received. Additionally, Kaleid Liner is currently airing its second season as well.

What an English Release Might Look Like- Most likely, Bushiroad would print each one as is (as each set is pretty independent of each other) and which set(s) they would print would depend on how they view the English meta. If they think Fate/Zero needs some help, likely they would release Fate/Stay Night as a standalone booster (hopefully with new anime art!) or less likely, one of the extra (Ataraxia or Fate/Zero). If they wanted a more standalone set, Kaleid Liner would be the optimal choice.

Agree or disagree? Feel free to comment in the comments section!


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