Anime Revolution- a Tale of 3 Weiss Tourneys

In the first part of recounting of what went down for me at Anime Revolution this past weekend, I’m going to look at the 3 Weiss Schwarz tournaments I played in and give a tournament report of sorts.

Event 1 (Sword Art Online)

For this event, I played the Sword Art Online deck I wrote about a while ago with a few changes. I removed the level 3 Silica and the level 2 Lisbeth and replaced them with 2 Silica’s Bashful Look (the burn 1 on stage entry).

All in all, I think this tournament went pretty well. Round 1, I got paired against Miku, and despite compressing with Klein, his very timely damage cancels, plus my climaxes not working out for me did me in. In retrospect, I don’t think I played all that poorly, but that lose really showed how necessary compressing is. I think I should have more aggressively brainstormed (even at level 3, at which I thought I didn’t need to anymore) which might have won me the game. In the second round, I dumped a Kyoko/Sayaka Madoka deck because he couldn’t find a climax for damage cancel until level 2. The other 2 rounds (I don’t remember who I played) were very close matches but I managed to pull out a win in both.


The takeaway from this event is that Klein was the MVP of this event. Spammable brainstorm is extremely useful for compress and aggressively using this until the end of the game might be the difference between a win and loss.


My reactions when all my climaxes were at the bottom

However, it should be noted that the 3rd place finisher (I came in 6th) was a Sword Art Online trial deck, write out of the box.

Event 2 (Kantai Collection)

I’ll write up a deck tech for what I played at a later time, but I ran pretty much a “stock” list for this event.


This one stung, I would have won all for matches, losing 3 extremely close games (him at level 3-5 and me at level 3-4 with 4+ climaxes left in the deck).The first game I lost (I believe to Dog Days), I was at level 2-6 and drew my card for the turn with 2 climaxes in hand and clocked one to level up and draw 2 more cards. I drew another climax and compass and was subsequently dumped on my opponent’s turn.  But still managed 2 wins. The highlight of the tournament was against a SAO deck, he had the marker Asuna at level 4(!) with him at level 3. He attacks another of his characters into mine, I backup using Zokaku (the anti-change backup) sending his Asuna to the bottom of his deck and reversing his attacking character.


I felt that, due to Kantai’s power, most players tune their decks to avoid the anti-heal and anti-salvage. After playing round 4 and talking to my opponent, we agreed that the glaring weakness of Kantai was the lack of good brainstorm and deck compression. I’m now currently trying to find a way to compress outside Izaguchi before regionals in ~2 weeks.

Event 3 (Sword Art Online)

After playing 2 events, I felt that I knew how to play SAO better and me one change to the deck, removing one of the Yuis for another Like a Date, Silica. I did this because I didn’t really need another backstage character and having another chunky level 0 beater.

The first round couldn’t have gone any better, beating Rewrite after being behind the whole game. The level 3 Silica with her burn ability was extremely good. The second round was against a modified trial deck, which turned out to be really close. Silica pulled through again.

This is where things went downhill, in round 3, I got paired up against Lucky Star. That deck is extremely tough to play against with the level 1 Konata (with the appropriate backstage support) were 8.5K beaters. I played that game to conserve my characters by side attacking, This game came down to the wire, I had the chance to win on my turn, so I played 2 Silicas, triggering their burn ability twice- 2 climaxes on top and 2 more when I attacked, leaving him at level 3-6. I was at 3-3 with ~15-17 cards left in my deck and 4 climaxes. I knew he had 1-2 climaxes left in this deck and if I prevented once or twice I should have the game (he had 2 2 soul level 3 characters and a 1 soul level 1 character). Guess where all my climaxes were?


The next round didn’t go any better. Round 4 was my nightmare matchup, ironically against Kantai Collection. The fact that I run 4 gate climaxes and 4 heal level 3’s makes this a tough game. Needless to say, it went as I expected it to. I only really won the last round because my opponent misplayed horrendously, side attacking into my level 3’s and not using Like a Younger Sister, Silica’s climax combo when he had it.


This weekend was a great way to figure out what I liked and disliked about my decks before regionals and the world championship qualifiers. I wish I could have won a playmat, but winning something (2 deckboxes) wasn’t the worst.


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