WS Cards of the Day – 08/22/14

Late because I was out at Anime Revolution 2014.


Analysis: A level 1 that can get potentially huge and very hard to remove in the early stages of the game. The climax combo adds another marker onto this character and makes it even bigger for the cost of 1 stock. WS_KLK_S27_E040

Analysis: The climax combo with the card above. Interesting that it is only 2 soul triggers and a +2000 power and 1 soul to one character. On the bright side you get to draw a card off of it.

The second portion is just showing which cards are getting signed cards in Nisekoi and that would be the four major RRs we saw before.

08_22_14_jp_01 08_22_14_jp_02 08_22_14_jp_03 08_22_14_jp_04

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