6 Cards to Look Out for in Fairy Tail ver. E

In honor of the newest set being released in English, let’s take a look at 6 cards that caught our eyes

Fairy Tail ver. E is one of the first English sets to add some language exclusives in addition to selected cards from the original and Extra Japanese sets, creating something extremely unique. This odd mix might make some of the existing cards better or worse and we also have to consider the impact of the language exclusives. Without further ado, here are the 6 (in no particular order) cards that caught our eye and might make up the pillars of the Fairy Tail series.

6 Flame Dragon Igneel

This guy has a massive assist, giving a whopping +2K to all <<Dragon>> characters in front. While the boost is quite large, it is very limited. It’s a good thing that Natsu has the <<Dragon>> trait and boasts some very powerful tools to work with. Igneel should see play in mono-red Natsu decks and be able to do some decent work.

5 Childhood Ezra

A similar reprint of Chitoge, Weekend Date from Nisekoi. Ezra needs to have 2 <<Magic>> characters in memory to trigger her memory bonus of +1500 power. Looking at this set, there are a lot of ways to get <<Magic>> characters into memory at level 0 so Ezra can come out swinging as a 6.5K 1/0 at level 1.

4 Flame Lotus Phoenix Sword

This is a chunky backup, giving a colossal +6.5K boost, which should be enough to bring anything down on the backup character’s level and then some. It also goes to memory after resolution which does help compress the deck some.

3 Unison Raid Lucy

You’re probably asking “wait, doesn’t this card already exist in the English metagame already?” The answer is yes. Lucy is identical to Sekine in pretty much every respect, so what exactly makes her better? The secret lies in the trait of the characters she can search for- <<Magic>>. In Fairy Tail, this is big since every card in the set is a <<Magic>> character, which gives her some amount of versatility, allowing you to find what you need when you need it. Sekine is pretty narrow, since most of the cards from Angel Beats are <<Death>> whereas <<Music>> is a minor trait.

2 Girl Who Loves Celestial Spirits, Lucy


I talked about this card in one of our preview articles but to rehash, I think this card is a very strong finisher at level 3. The send to clock ability on reversal not only deals with troublesome characters with encore, but also deals that one additional damage to your opponent. The memory ability is a relatively small outlay to make Lucy quite a formidable character at level 3. It should also be noted that this card is also one of the 6 ver. E exclusives.

1 Dragon Force Natsu


This guy does a lot of work for you, let’s break down exactly what each ability does. The first ability is a climax combo that allows Natsu to put his battle opponent on top of your opponent’s deck on reversal (along with gaining +1000 power).  But the put on top ability can be very strong, sending troublesome characters with encore away and ensuring at least one point of damage on your next attack or burn (since you know the top card is a character) and goes really well with the second ability. The second ability is what makes Natsu so strong and explains why he has such a small base power, Natsu is a level 1 suicider. In conjunction with the climax combo, Natsu can send any level 1 or lower character to the top of your opponent’s deck, waiting to be sent to either the clock or waiting room on the next attack. The second ability alone makes Natsu quite powerful but the climax combo is truly the icing on the cake.



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