Budget Warrior- Developing the Fairy Tail Trial Deck on a Budget

Today we delve into the newest set and try to develop the trial deck for less than the price of a booster box on AmiAmi!

If you haven’t been following our past two iterations of Budget Warrior, we’re going to do a quick run down of what we’re trying to achieve. Our main goal is to create the best deck possible for under the price of a booster box on AmiAmi (5600 JPY or $56 USD for simplicity) and using the price of singles on ideal808. Without any more fanfare, let’s get cracking!

Here’s a brief overlook at the Fairy Tail TD

Note: There should only be 3 DEAR KABY climaxes (the green treasure triggering one) and 1 more Fire Dragon Roar (+2 soul triggering red climax)

Here’s a text version of the trial deck:

  • 4x “Dear KABY”
  • 2x Fire Dragon Roar
  • 2x Fire Dragon Brilliant Flame
  • 3x Lisanna
  • 3x Draw of Fairy Tail, Mirajane
  • 3x Maid Look, Lucy
  • 3x Natsu Dragneel
  • 3x Gajeel Redfoxx
  • 2x Ice Make Wizard, Gray
  • 2x Literature Girl Lucy
  • 2x Childhood Natsu & Happy
  • 2x Natsu’s Partner, Happy
  • 2x Young Dragon, Natsu
  • 2x S-Class Quest
  • 2x Cute Celestial User? Lucy
  • 2x Fire Wizard Natsu
  • 3x Ring Magic, Loke
  • 2x Dragon Power, Natsu
  • 3x Armor Wizard, Ezra
  • 2x Fire Dragon Slayer, Natsu

On the surface this deck looks fairly aggressive, having a slightly more than average number of level 0 characters. Another thing that stands out about this deck is the number of 3 and 2 of’s in the deck. We might want to increase the counts of all the cards we’re playing to increase the chances of getting what we need. It should be noted that the trial deck is all exclusives, so we can’t buy additional copies of the cards from the trial deck without buying a second TD.

The deck looks somewhat similar to the Persona Ver. E TD, packing some staple cards, namely suiciders, heal characters and gate triggering climaxes.

Let’s take a look of notable cards that’ll serve as the base of our deck:

Fire Dragon Slayer, Natsu


This is the level 3 provided with the deck. It’s “just” a heal character with the upside of being an 11K character if you have 2 of the required climaxes n the waiting room. While this isn’t a game breaker, Natsu’s heal ability does help shore up the deck’s end game.

Dragon Power, Natsu


A decent level 2/1 character that’s a 8.5K beater if the memory requirement is met, which is fairly easy, as seeing a lot of the cards in the deck send themselves to memory. The climax combo for this guy is quite potent. If the required climax (Fire Dragon Roar) is in the climax slot, you can pay 3 stock to send a level 2 or lower character to the top of your opponent’s deck. This deals with any troublesome character with encore and can ensure an attack for 1 soul will stick.

Gajeel Redfox


Oh yes, a suicider! And there’s three in the TD, which goes a long way when we develop this deck further. Oh yeah, these are the only ones in the entire set.

Cute Celestial User? Lucy


A good global support at level 1. She also has the option of paying out a stock to give a character +1500 power to help take down opposing characters.

Fire Dragon Brilliant Flame


The gate triggering 1K1 climax of the deck, gates are always nice to trigger and we’d better enjoy salvaging now before Kantai gets printed and ruins it. It’s also the other half of the Dragon Power, Natsu climax combo

Fire Dragon RoarWS_FT_EN_S02_T19

The required climax for the level 3 Natsu. It adds a card to stock when you play it and gives the team +1 soul.

The rest of the deck is kind of underwhelming. Some of the cards do help support the memory mechanic by sending themselves or your other characters to memory. But the power level on the rest of the cards just feels…lacking. But we can upgrade those cards when we get to it. Without further ado, let’s start our first round of changes:

Looking at the set, we arrive at a crossroads when building our deck. Most of the cards in the set have the <<Magic>> primary trait. However, lots of the cards in the set look at the secondary trait, so more specific traits like <<Key>> or <<Dragon>> instead of the common <<Magic>> one. So we need to select cards that can use cards of a specific trait by focusing our card choices on secondary traits. Since the deck has mostly Natsu and Lucy cards, we’re going to have our card choices be <<Key>> or <<Dragon>> characters, which will heavily affect our card choices and changes moving forward.

I think we want to focus on the <<Key>> trait and use the <<Dragon>> trait as a splash. So, the deck should be base green with a red splash for the level 3 Natsu’s, the Gajeel suiciders and the Gates. Using this template, let’s take out all the cards that are not <<Key>> or <<Dragon>>. We need to replace 13 cards in the deck.

+4 Rookie Wizard, Lucy ($1.90/ea)


This card is a conditional 3.5K beater at 0, where you need 2 other <<Key>> characters to gain the bonus. Still a costless beater at 0 and can be used to as “clock food”. We’re going to be running mostly <<Key>> characters, Lucy’s going to be the 3.5K most of the time and is the backbone of our offense at level 0. -$7.60 from budget

+3 Lucy Heartfilia ($0.25/ea)


This card gives your backstage characters some more value by allowing you to rest 2 characters to give a <<Key>> (basically any Lucy character) +2000 power. The +2000 power is a good way to either trade with larger characters or take them down outright. Not a bad addition and can be cashed in for 2 cards through clocking it. -$0.75 from budget

+3 Fairy Tail Master, Makarov ($4.90/ea)

This guy hurts the budget a bit but he’s a necessary evil, being the only brainstorm character in the set. We’re running 3 because we really want to be finding him every game we play. -$14.70 from budget

So our new level 0’s are going to take $23 from our $56 budget, leaving us with $33 for the rest of the deck. With these additions, we’re up to 15 level 0 characters in the deck.

+3 My Determination, Lucy ($1.90/ea)


This looks like a lackluster costless beater, but she can send herself to memory when she gets reversed to help compress the deck and help fill any memory requirements for other cards. -$5.70 from budget

This is the only level 1 we need to add, so that also brings us to 15 level 1’s and we can sink the remaining budget into our top end. I think we can/want to cut the 3 Loke cards to free up slots for our level 3’s and we’re lucky that the level 3 we want is pretty cheap.

+4 Power of Allies, Natsu ($0.90/ea)


This Natsu is a conditional heal, needing 3 other <<Magic>> characters to trigger, which is pretty easy since all of our characters are <<Magic>>. He also has a “scry” ability that lets you look at the top card of your deck and choose to keep it or bin it every time Natsu is front attacked. This is a great way to try to make sure you have a climax or dig for a climax to cancel damage. -$3.60 from budget

After this we have 3 slots remaining, so let’s fill it out with a couple of level 2’s or 3’s.

+2 A Place to Return to, Natsu ($4.90/ea)WS_FT_EN_S02_056R

A beefy level 2 that gets +500 power for each of the other <<Magic>> characters on your stage. Not the most exciting level 2 but should do what he needs to do pretty well. -$9.80 from budget

+1 Celestial Wizard, Lucy ($2.90/ea)


Since we might not be running climax combo for her, Lucy is just gives her opposing character -1 soul and has hand encore if the memory condition is met. Not a bad beater at 3 but not terribly exciting. -$2.90 from budget

This is our deck so far:

So let’s total up our total expenditures so far:

Budget- $56.00

Spent- $45.05

Remaining Budget- $10.95

That’s a pretty substantial amount we have left to spend, but still not enough to buy any of the higher end cards that we need for the deck and not enough for buy a second trial deck. However, there aren’t enough cards to justify spending the remaining budget/ So you can pocket your $10.95, buy sleeves or buy a couple of boosters.

If you do have the budget, I would suggest adding some Unison Raid, Lucy and the new Ver. E exclusive level 3 Lucy (the one that sends opposing characters to clock on reversal).








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