Budget Warrior- Harem Time! (To Love Ru)

In this week’s edition of budget warrior we tackle the boogie man of the WGP regionals- To Love Ru!

As a quick refresher, here’s how budget warrior works, we try to develop a trial deck for less than the price of a booster box of the set from AmiAmi. Since booster boxes are a little more expensive (300 yen more), our budget for the deck is 5900 円/yen (or $59 USD for simplicity). For this budget warrior, we’ll be using the prices for singles from yuyu-tei.jp.

Without further ado let’s take a look at what comes in the trial deck!


Decklist with links to card translations

Let’s look at the most interesting cards in the TD:

“Taiyaki of Memories” Yami


Taiyaki Yami (yes, I’m going to call it that) is probably one of the few cases of TD exclusives being set staples and is the crown jewel of the deck. Yami is a double threat- a solid beater and versatile searcher able to find any character in the three main traits (Alien, Transformation, Housework)

“Darkness” Yami


This Yami is pretty important to the deck since the other level 3 Yami from the booster is far and away the most expensive card in the set, one copy of which will nearly deplete our budget. If we’re going to stick with a Yami-centric deck, we’re probably going to have to lean on the Darkness to close out the game at level 3.

“Pure and Pretty?” Girl Momo


Momo is a clone of the top check Marika from Nisekoi. The top check is an ability I really like, being able to see what you could possibly trigger helps give you information going into combat. The second ability is a great way to cash in extra climaxes in hand for characters in the waiting room.

I’m going to digress a little here and talk about the trial deck and how it interacts with the rest of the To Love Ru set. If you’re not familiar, the To Love Ru booster set is heavily based on the various traits and resonance for certain cards. The main problem I have with the design of this TD is that it has a medley of the traits, which makes it difficult to modify the deck with cards from the booster on a budget (which we also found when developing the Fairy Tail Ver. E trial deck). On the flip side, this design can also us to have more freedom in modifying the deck.

So, we’re going to have to decide what direction to take with the deck- do we go with the <<Housework>> and <<Transformation>> build? The <<Alien>> build? Or the <<Animal>> build? We’ll break this budget warrior down into 2 or 3 parts, looking at all the possibilities.

This week we’ll tackle the Housework/Transformation build.


The Housework/Transformation Build:

To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd - 01 - Large 06

The <<Housework>> and <<Transformation>> build is currently the most popular and strongest build. As a result, a lot of the staples are quite pricey. It’s still possible to go with this build, but it’s going to feel really weak compared to its competitive counterparts.

The first thing we’re going to do is take out all the cards that are neither <<Housework>> or <<Transformation>> and what we’re left with is a skeleton of our deck:


The skeleton of the deck is quite slim, only retaining 14 (28%) of the cards we originally got in the TD. Even then, we’re probably going to end up cutting a few of the cards, very likely the vanilla level 2 Mikan. We’ll also need to add green cards from the booster to get the Mikan cards. I didn’t add the climaxes yet since we’re not sure what we’re going to need.

Looking at the deck, we’re going to want a few more of the Trial Deck exclusive cards, namely the “Taiyaki of Memories” Yami, “Darkness” Yami and a couple of the Mea cards. At this point I would just suggest getting a second TD (1170円/yen on AmiAmi) and get the cards from there and you have a shot at a signed Yami!

-1170 from budget, 4730 remaining.

From the trial deck, we’re going to want to add the following cards:

  • 1 “Taiyaki of Memories” Yami
  • 2 “Darkness” Yami
  • 1 “Loves Licking” Mea
  • 1 “Heart Confusion” Mea

So we’re now up to 18 cards with 4730 yen left in our wallets. We’re now going to have to start delving into the booster set to round out our deck. Since we have 0 level 1 characters in the original deck skeleton, my first sweep of the booster card list will be affordable level 1 <<Transformation>> or <<Housework>> characters.

The first sweep gave us some quality level 1 cards:

  • 2 “Ribbon-Wrapped” Mea (TL/W37-010)- 50円/ea
  • 2 “Memory Connecting the Future” Yami (TL/W37-011)- 50円/ea
  • 4 “Sleepy Time” Mikan (TL/W37-039)- 300円/ea
  • 3 “Heart Thumping Bathtime” Mea (TL/W37-012)- 30円/ea
  • 3 “Organizing Clothes” Mikan(TL/W37-040)- 400円/ea

We kind of splurged at level 1, going for the staple level 1 Mikans (Sleepy Time and Organizing Clothes) which solidifies our non-existent level 1 game. Outside of those 7 cards, choosing cards at level 1 was a little tough. However, I found a couple of good level 1 characters at uncommon:

“Memory Connecting the Future” Yami:


This card is quite good, giving both a power boost and an encore ability. A definite backstage hero that our deck both needs and deserves.

“Heart Thumping Bathtime” Mea:


Aside from the art being quite lewd, this card is a good 1/1 beater for the deck. The power boost (which the condition should be very easy to meet) makes her a 7.5K beater, nothing head turning but decent nonetheless.

-2690円 from budget, 2040円 remaining.

With more than half of our budget gone, here’s where we’re at now:


We’re at 33 cards, needing only more 9 characters/events and 8 climaxes to finish up our deck.

The next issue with the deck I want to tackle is rounding out our level 0 game by adding some utility characters and some green Mikan cards to help fix our colors in the later stages of the game.

  • 2 “Cute Pajama” Mikan (TL/W37-035)- 300円/ea
  • 3 Sitting Yui (TL/W37-034)- 200円/ea
  • 3 “Licking Candy” Mea (TL/W37-003)- 100円/ea
  • 3 “Rito Assassination Order” Yami (TL/W37-007)- 30円/ea

We had to break our theme to get access to a green reverser (Sitting Yui). Also being added to the deck is the brainstormer Mikan and the global assist Mea. Rito Assassination Order Yami is an interesting card for the deck.


This Yami gives other characters a large boost (+1500 power) for a turn which can help set up a favorable attack for a turn.

After adding this round of cards, we’re 2 cards over the 42 we need. So we can start cutting a couple of cards in the deck that I found lacking, mainly the 2 Yami changers and the 4 vanilla level 2 Mikans. Since we’re exactly two cards over, we can remove the Yami changers completely.

-1590円 from budget, 450円 remaining.

With our remaining budget, I want to get rid of the 4 vanilla level 2 Mikans from our original TD. Since there’s not that much of our budget left, we’re going to have to stretch our dollar yen a little here. We need to get rid of 6 cards and add our 8 climaxes. Let’s start with the climaxes since we’re going to need those anyways. for the climaxes we’re going to be playing 4 Taiyaki-Shaped Keyholder (the yellow one, 20円/ea) and 4 of the Only One Important Little Sister climaxes from our two trial decks.

-80円 from budget, 370円 remaining.

So, changing out the 4 level 2 vanilla Mikans on 370円 seems like a tall order here, but let’s give it the old college try.

  • 3 Mea Kurosaki (TL/W37-002)- 100円/ea
  • 1 “Heart-Thumping Bath Time” Yami (TL/W37-022)- 20円/ea

With those remaining 4 slots, we upped our level 3 game with 3 copies of Mea Kurosaki and added a basic +3K level 2 character backup. I guess that wasn’t too hard at all.


Mea Kurosaki plays right into our Housework/Transformation game plan, having a full board of Housework & Transformation characters makes her a bulky 13.5K level 3 on your turn.

-320円 from budget, 50円 remaining.

Here’s the finished product:


Decklist with links to full card translations

After creating the decklist, I realized that we have 4 brainstormers (2 cute pajama and 2 changing) in the deck. I think that’s a little excessive so I would swap out one of the Changing Mikan for a fourth “Loves Licking” Mea that came with our second trial deck. I’m a little hesitant to cut both the changing Mikans because the spammable brainstorm effect might be useful.

Say that we have a few more bucks yen lying around, what else can we add to make the deck better?

Yuuki Mikan (TL/W37-032 RR)- 500円/ea


The Mikan level 3 is a definite upgrade over the set of “Darkness” Yami we have right now in the deck. The added bonus is that there’s also a level 2 level assist that changes into her as well.

Recommended deck changes: +4 Yuuki Mikan, -4 “Darkness” Yami

Taiyaki-Shaped Keyholder (TL/W37-053)- 100円/ea

For budget reasons we’re playing the yellow version of the card. I feel like the green one is better because it triggers on gold bar (which is really good for climax combos) and is a +1K +1 soul climax.

Recommended deck changes: Just swap the Taiyaki-Shaped Keyholder climaxes 1 for 1

Sitting Mikan (TL/W37-031)- 980円/ea


Mikan is pretty much a clone of the Hatsukaze anti-salvager from KanColle. A global assist that punishes salvage from our opponent (since we’re not packing any salvage effects at all in the deck) is certainly potent and makes Mikan the premier backstage character To Love Ru has to offer.

Recommended deck changes: -3 Licking Candy Mea, +3 Sitting Mikan

And that wraps up part 1 of our To Love Ru deck warrior, tune in next time as we convert the trial deck using the Aliens build. If you have a request for a future budget warrior, post in the comments!



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