To Lewd Ru Aliens Deck Tech

Welcome to our first deck tech of 2016 and boy is it a lewd one! To kick things off, we’re going to showcase a To Love Ru Aliens deck featuring the three Devilukean princesses (with a bonus cameo from Yami).

Let’s get into and take a look at the deck list (full list with links to card translations can be found on heart of the cards):


(list with images can be found at

Outside of the three Taiyaki of Memories Yami, the deck is a pure red build based around characters with the <<Aliens>> trait.

Let’s start with the 16 level 0’s featured in the deck:


Note: we’ll be running through the cards from left to right and top to bottom

“Surprisingly Proactive” Nana

This Nana is a global back row support for <<Aliens>> and <<Animal>>. She’s solid but nothing too mindblowing.

“Pure and Pretty? Girl” Momo

Momo is very similar to the Marika, Active Girl card from Nisekoi. The top check is important to the deck because we want to make sure the course is clear for the 4000 power Nana or for our Sitting Lala to get that +2000 power boost. The salvage ability is a nice bonus too, but I find it costly at times. I guess I was spoiled rotten by playing Marika in my Nisekoi decks.

“Taiyaki of Memories” Yami

The only card in the deck that’s neither red or an alien. Yami is a standard pay 1 stock and discard 1 card searcher which finds everything in our deck. A versatile card which can be useful in clearing out suiciders on the stage since she’s not really doing anything else as a 1500 power character.

Nana Asta Deviluke

Nana is a standard salvage brainstormer which is fine considering the deck doesn’t really have much utility in the backstage.

“True Friend” Nana

A beefy 4000 power beater that has the drawback of being sent to stock if the top card of the deck is a level 0 or lower character. The Pure and Pretty Momo’s top check ability helps lower the risk of Nana being sent to the stock. Nana also helps cheat out the level 3 Sitting Nana a turn early.

Lala Satalin Deviluke

Lala is a 3500 power beater if there is 1 or fewer characters on the stage. She also has a resonance ability that turns her into a runner at no cost whatsoever.

Moving onto the 17 level 1’s in the deck (going from left to right again):


“Heart Thumping Bath Time” Nana

Despite the name, this Nana isn’t the most exciting card in the deck, but she’s pretty functional. Nana combos with the Friends climax to pay 1 stock to salvage back a character. Since the Friends climax sends a red card to stock, we’re basically salvaging for free here.

“Big Sis Thinking of Her Little Sister” Lala

A generic +1500 power character backup.

“Trusting Gaze” Lala

This Lala is To Love Ru’s version of Kantai Collection Second Fleet’s Akatsuki, Moment in Winter (albeit a level higher). On play, Lala looks at top 4 cards of the deck, choose an Alien or Science (LOL) character and put it into your hand and the rest into the waiting room. This kind of ability is quite strong and helps you exchange dead cards in hand for potentially better ones. It’s worth noting that this cannot find Yami.

“Kind Warmth” Nana

Our big beater at level 1. Nana is a 1/1 5500 power character that gets a boost of +1500 power (and a level) if there are 3 other Alien or Animal characters on stage. Oh yeah, she also has hand encore.

“Sitting” Momo

Momo is a level 1 suicider with the bonus ability of being able to salvage a level 1 or lower Alien character directly into any slot the stage at the cost of a stock and card in hand when placed onto the stage. While the suicider ability is nice, I’ve found the second ability to be quite powerful, ranging from being able to find utility backstage characters to chaining suiciders to wipe out the opponent’s front row.

“Friendly? Three Sisters” Momo

This Momo is a costless 4500 power beater with the resonance ability (revealing “Sitting” Lala) that gives a global +2500 boost to all other characters. The boost ability is a great way to buff our front row characters to be able to clear out larger characters in the opponent’s front row.

Finally, we get to our 9 level 3 characters:


“Sitting” Nana

This Nana is a repeatable burn character that can be cheated in a level earlier.  The burn ability is pretty easy to get off, only needing to reverse the opposite character, a condition made even easier by getting her off early at level 2. Cheating out Nana is a fairly simple task as you only need the level 0 “True Friend” Nana in clock. Yup, that’s it.

Momo Belia Deviluke

Momo is a 1-of I’ve been experimenting with in the deck. Momo’s got a wall of text on the card so let’s break down the abilities one by one. The first ability is pretty straight forward, Momo is a 11000 power character if there are 3 or more other Alien or Plant characters on the stage.

The second ability is when Momo is played, reveal the top card of the deck. If it’s an Alien or Plant character then she burns the opponent for 1. The burn ability is nice and should consistently trigger. For the turn Momo comes down, she represents at least 3 damage we can deal to our opponent. Which, if it hits, should push the opponent close to or to level 4.

The final ability is a combo with the Heart Thumping Approach climax. For the cost of discarding a card, when the climax is played, get back an Alien or Plant character with level less than or equal to your level onto any slot on the stage. It also gets +2000 power. Since the wording is “less or equal to your level”, Momo gets back any character, unless you were somehow able to cheat her out a level earlier. This ability is quite powerful as we can fill up the stage to try and finish off the opponent, especially since the Heart Thumping Approach is a +1000 power and +1 soul.

Momo does a lot on the deck and I’m really considering adding a second or a third copy to the deck. We’ll look at possible changes to the deck later.

“Sitting” Lala

Lala is an interesting card in the deck to say the least. Typically I like clocking level 3 charaters in the hand in the early game, since they’re effectively dead cards in hand. However, there are four characters, two level 0’s and two level 1’s, that need Sitting Lala to trigger the Resonance abilities. So there are some decisions that need to be made during the course of the game about whether or not to clock Lala at early stages of the game.

Outside of the Resonance requirements, Lala also heals and checks the top card of the deck for an Alien or Science character to get a +2000 buff for the turn.

Finally the 8 climaxes in the deck:



Friends is a +2 soul triggering that puts a red character into stock on play. It also combos with the Heart Thumping Bathtime Nana.

Heart Thumping Approach

A simple gate triggering +1000 power and +1 soul climax. Also combos with the level 3 Momo.

There are some cards we could also add to the deck as well, let’s run through a few of them:

Golden Darkness

The big gun in the To Love Ru set and good enough to pretty much close out the game by herself. Since we’re mainly an Aliens deck, we can’t activate her first ability but the other 2 abilities are so powerful that she’s still a great addition to the deck. Her on play ability is to draw 2 and discard a card, a nice way to dig for more characters if your stage presence is lacking. The climax combo is what really makes her shine in the deck. When she attacks, if Kind Time is in the climax zone, she and another character burns for 1 if their damage is cancelled.

I think the deck can take 2-3 copies of Golden Darkness and will need 4 copies of the Kind Time climax as well. If we’re running 2 GD, I’d take out the Momo, the 4 gate climaxes and 1 of the Sitting Lala.

Blue Metallia Run

Run is a solid costless beater with hand encore. She only has a small downside of having to check the top of the deck for a Transformation or Alien character- which should be easy to achieve.

“Dancing Pencil” Lala

Lala is a level booster (+500 x character’s level) with a bonus climax combo (with Charming Pose) to give +3000 power to up to two Alien characters.

While not as potent as the common Transformation/Housework build, this deck is a solid budget alternative. I’m waiting on a few cards to show up so I can try out a few more variations of the deck, namely swapping a few of the level 3’s around.

Thanks for reading!

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